We are experts with multiple years of experience in the fields of anti-corrosion, works at height and other construction jobs.
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We provide rental services of lift platforms and suspended scaffolds and high-pressure devices
Lift baskets, suspended scaffolds and machines available for renting

We own lift baskets, suspended scaffolds and machines that are available for renting.

  • two  lift baskets Omme operating heigt 29 m ,
  • lift platforms Houlotte operiting height 12m,
  • lift basket  Nissan OIL STEEL operating height 21m,
  • lift basket Hinowa LIGHT LIFT operating height 18m,
  • suspended scaffolds Sky Climber and Alta (Tirak motors),
  • high-pressure device FALCH 500 bar,
  • high-pressure device FALCH 2500 bar,
  • compressors