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Anti-Corrosion Protection: Supported by the Necessary Technology

Treatment of iron with anti-corrosion protection has been our central activity since the very beginning of our business operations. Over the years we have thus acquired extensive experience in this field. Depending on customers’ needs, we are able to use different technologies to prepare and execute anti-corrosion jobs, employing various materials of both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

In terms of anti-corrosion protection, we have the necessary technology and know-how to provide sandblasting services which are a prerequisite for preparing surfaces for further treatment, i.e. application of protection. Sandblasting can be carried out with different materials such as corundum, glass beads, copper slag etc.

We have the know-how, machines and qualified workers to provide high quality anti-corrosion protection (ACP).

Reference facilities:

  • ACP of silos within the B6 – Nafta strojna project,
  • ACP of the coal conveyor steel structure for B6 – HTZ,
  • ACP of the UHF steel structure of the bunker facility Sipoteh d.o.o.,
  • Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant (providing ACP since 2005),
  • ACP of the steel structure of boiler 5 (SES TLMAČE),
  • Renovation of coal conveyor bridge – Velenje Coal Mine,
  • ACP of the treatment plant in block 5 at the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant (7,000m2),
  • ACP of pillars of the swinging cable car on Golte (4,500m2)
  • Conveyor belt renovation in B4, B3 in B6 at the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant.